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Returns and Shipping

Under prevailing UK ‘Distance Selling Regulations’ you have the right to cancel your order at any time up to 7 days after the date on which you receive your goods.

To cancel your order you must notify us in writing within this time period . You are responsible for the return of any goods supplied to you and you are responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us. The goods must be received by us in their original packaging and they must be unused. Your original receipt/invoice must be included with the goods. A refund of the full purchase price, excluding postage charges will be made within 30 days of receipt of goods. This is a UK only right to cancel and does not apply to non UK consumers.

Whilst we hope you will be most satisfied with our products, if you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, return the goods to the following address and we will refund you immediately. Our goal is to win business and repeat business. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us. But in the unlikely event that anybody is unhappy with their purchase we offer full refunds once the products have been safely returned to us.

If replacements are required due to faulty goods please notify our office and we will arrange the collection of the faulty goods and supply replacements free of charge.

For either returns or replacements please contact our office on 01274 260 700.

Address for returns:

Unit 7C & 7D GB Business,

Cutler Heights Lane,




Shipping and Delivery

Great Britain

For standard Great Britain postage there is a one off fee of £3.95

Standard delivery will take 2-3 days. If you are wanting a next day delivery please contact our sales team on 01274 260 700 or click the next day tick box. Orders must be received by 11am to assure next day delivery.

We will despatch all orders same day and despatch them from our warehouse in the UK, providing they are received by 1pm Monday to Friday. Standard delivery time is 2-3 days, and if needed on a next day delivery, we offer this service at an added cost.

UK Mainland Standard Delivery £3.95

Next Day Delivery £6.95


Included postcodes:
AL*, B1*, B10*, B11*, B12*, B13*, B14*, B15*, B16*, B17*, B18*, B19*, B2*, B20*, B21*, B22*, B23*, B24*, B25*, B26*, B27*, B28*, B29*, B3*, B30*, B31*, B32*, B33*, B34*, B35*, B36*, B37*, B38*, B39*, B4*, B40*, B41*, B42*, B43*, B44*, B45*, B46*, B47*, B48*, B49*, B5*, B50*, B51*, B52*, B53*, B54*, B55*, B56*, B57*, B58*, B59*, B6*, B60*, B61*, B62*, B63*, B64*, B65*, B66*, B67*, B68*, B69*, B7*, B70*, B71*, B72*, B73*, B74*, B75*, B76*, B77*, B78*, B79*, B8*, B80*, B81*, B82*, B83*, B84*, B85*, B86*, B87*, B88*, B89*, B9*, B90*, B91*, B92*, B93*, B94*, B95*, B96*, B97*, B98*, B99*, BA*, BB*, BD*, BH*, BL*, BN*, BR*, BS*, CA*, CB*, CF*, CH*, CM*, CO*, CR*, CT*, CV*, CW*, DA*, DE*, DH*, DL*, DN*, DT*, DY*, E1*, E10*, E11*, E12*, E13*, E14*, E15*, E16*, E17*, E18*, E19*, E2*, E20*, E3*, E4*, E5*, E6*, E7*, E8*, E9*, EC*, EN*, EX*, FY*, GL*, GU*, HA*, HD*, HG*, HP*, HR*, HU*, HX*, IG*, IP*, KT*, L1*, L10*, L11*, L12*, L13*, L14*, L15*, L16*, L17*, L18*, L19*, L2*, L20*, L21*, L22*, L23*, L24*, L25*, L26*, L27*, L28*, L29*, L3*, L30*, L31*, L32*, L33*, L34*, L35*, L36*, L37*, L38*, L39*, L4*, L40*, L41*, L42*, L43*, L44*, L45*, L46*, L47*, L48*, L49*, L5*, L50*, L51*, L52*, L53*, L54*, L55*, L56*, L57*, L58*, L59*, L6*, L60*, L61*, L62*, L63*, L64*, L65*, L66*, L67*, L68*, L69*, L7*, L70*, L71*, L72*, L73*, L74*, L75*, L76*, L77*, L78*, L79*, L8*, L80*, L9*, LA*, LD*, LE*, LL*, LN*, LS*, LU*, M*, M1*, M2*, M3*, M4*, M8*, M9*, M11*, M12*, M13*, M14*, M15*, M16*, M17*, M18*, M19*, M20*, M21*, M22*, M23*, M24*, M25*, M26*, M27*, M28*, M29*, M30*, M31*, M32*, M34*, M35*, M38*, M40*, M41*, M43*, M44*, M45*, M46*, M60*, M61*, M90*, M99*, ME*, MK*, N*, N1*, N2*, N3*, N4*, N5*, N6*, N7*, N8*, N9*, N10*, N11*, N12*, N13*, N14*, N15*, N16*, N17*, N18*, N19*, N20*, N21*, N22*, N81*, NE*, NG*, NN*, NP*, NR*, NW*, OL*, OX*, PE*, PL*, PO*, PR*, RG*, RH*, RM*, S1*, S2*, S3*, S4*, S5*, S6*, S7*, S8*, S9*, S10*, S11*, S12*, S13*, S14*, S17*, S18*, S19*, S20*, S21*, S22*, S25*, S26*, S32*, S33*, S35*, S36*, S40*, S41*, S42*, S43*, S44*, S45*, S49*, S60*, S61*, S62*, S63*, S64*, S65*, S66*, S70*, S71*, S72*, S73*, S74*, S75*, S80*, S81*, S95*, S96*, S97*, S98*, S99*, SA*, SE*, SG*, SK*, SL*, SM*, SN*, SO*, SP*, SR*, SS*, ST*, SW*, SY*, TA*, TF*, TN*, TQ*, TR*, TS*, TW*, UB*, W1*, W10*, W11*, W12*, W13*, W14*, W2*, W3*, W4*, W5*, W6*, W7*, W8*, W9*, WA*, WC*, WD*, WF*, WN*, WR*, WS*, WV*, YO*.

Offshore, Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands

For standard Offshore, Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands postage there is a one off fee of £13.95.


All offshore highlands and islands postcodes:

Jersey = All JE postcodes

Guernsey = All GY postcodes

Isle of Man = All IM postcodes

Orkney and Shetland = KW15 – 17 Orkney, ZE1 – 3 Shetland

Inverness = KW1 – 3, KW5 – 14, IV1 -28, IV33 -51, IV55 – 56, PH42 – 44, HS1 – 8, IV30 -32

Oban = PH33, PA20 – 49, PA60 -80, KA28

Arran = KA27

Isle of White = PO30 -41

Antrim = BT1 – 3, BT12 -15, BT29, BT36 – 44, BT53 – 54, BT56 – 59

Tyrone = BT68 – 71, BT74 – 82, BT92 – 94

Derry = BT45 – 52, BT55, BT72 – 73, BT83 -91, BT95 – 99

Armagh = BT11, BT17, BT28, BT60 – 67

Down = BT4 – 10, BT16, BT18 27, BT30 – 35

Scottish Highlands = FK17 – 99, G83,

All KW, PH18 – 20, PH30, AB31, AB33 – 38, AB44 -56

International Delivery

For standard International Delivery postage there is a one off fee of £13.95.

We will despatch all orders same day and despatch them from our warehouse in the UK, providing they are received by 1pm Monday to Friday.